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Moon Site & Septic offers 24/7 septic tank service for Lehigh Acres, FLLearn more about our residential drain field, septic pumping and septic installation services.

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Need Septic Tank Service In Lehigh Acres, FL? Moon Septic Can Get The Job Done!

Life and septic systems—two things that can be pretty unpredictable.

Moon Site & Septic may not have all of life’s answers, but we can help you with your septic system problems. So call us when it clogs, gets full or just gives up. We’ll get back to normal with our comprehensive residential septic tank services for Lehigh Acres, Florida. And the best part is, we offer 24-hour septic service, including pumping, installation and drain field maintenance.

Established in 1984, Moon Site & Septic is a state-licensed septic tank contractor. What sets us apart from other contractors is our exceptionally skilled and friendly staff that always aims to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. Since they’ve installed thousands of septic units and systems, they know the struggles that come along with septic system maintenance and repairs. They also know the best and most efficient way to get the job done right.


Our 24-Hour Septic Service Options Include:

Emergency Septic Pumping in Lehigh Acres

Do you have sewage coming up in your tub/shower, or are you smelling foul odors around your sewage system? We can pump you out anytime! If you don’t have an emergency and just need a little peace of mind, call us to schedule a septic system inspection or preventive maintenance. This service includes measuring sludge and scum levels, checking the system’s pipes and mechanisms, and making sure the drain field is working correctly.

Inquire About Services in Lehigh Acres, Florida

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Lehigh Acres Septic System Installation

If your toilets are draining slowly or you’ve noticed standing wastewater on the ground above the drain field, give us a call. Moon Site & Septic can install a new tank for you in no time. In fact, since septic tank installation is a breeze for us, the process will be even easier for you.

Drain Field Solutions for Lehigh Acres, Florida

Do you have wet spots in the yard or black slime near your septic tank? Let us help you with septic tank drain field repair. Drain field problems can often lead to messy cleanups, embarrassing smells and odors, and costly repairs. Call Moon Site & Septic sooner than later if you’re noticing drain field issues.

Whether you need an emergency septic tank pump out, a drain field replaced or have questions about your septic system, Moon Site & Septic can help. Contact us today to learn more about our 24/7 septic tank service for Lehigh Acres, FL.