If your septic tank fails, you could be out of luck. However, if you watch out for the following, you might be able to seek professional help to resolve the issues before they escalate to the point of failure. Typical signs of septic tank problems include:

  1. Toilets won’t flush properly.
  2. Sinks and tubs have issues draining.
  3. Gurgling sounds are coming from the pipes.
  4. Puddles of standing water line the drain field.
  5. Grass is extra green in parts of the yard.
  6. Bad smells persist inside or out.

Since over one in five American homes have septic systems, and there are more than 2 million systems operating in Florida alone, this is a major concern for many. After all, no one wants to suddenly be wading through sewage water! We’ve told you how to avoid common septic problems, but if wastewater starts to back up into your house, it might be too late. Read on to learn more about these signs your septic tank is failing so you have plenty of time to get professional assistance.

Understanding the Signs of Septic Tank Trouble

While there may be other factors that indicate you’re experiencing issues with your septic system, these are the key things to look for. Spot any of these, and you’ll know it’s time to call in a professional.

Not-So-Royal Flush

One of the most common signs of septic tank problems is a toilet that doesn’t flush. Or it does flush, but very slowly. It could mean a couple of different things — either your tank is full or there is a clog in the line. Regardless, having your septic pumped will likely resolve the problem.

Slow Ride, Don’t Take It Easy

Is the water coming up to your calves while you’re taking a shower? Does brushing your teeth in the morning fill up your sink enough that you could bathe in it? If the water is draining very slowly — or not at all — in your bathtubs or sinks, it could be a sign of septic system trouble.

Hearing a Gurgle while you Gargle

When you’re going through your morning bathroom routine, do you hear something that sounds like a swamp monster creeping in your pipes? Don’t call in the monster hunters just yet. Gurgling sounds can be a sign of a full septic tank that’s in desperate need of pumping.

That’s Not a Pool!

When you go outside to enjoy your yard on a beautiful day, do you see a lot of puddles? Do those puddles stink? Unless it just rained, standing water by your drain field is one of the most concerning signs of septic tank problems. In addition to being unsightly, this wastewater can be hazardous to the health of anyone nearby, particularly children and pets that might play near it.

The Grass is Always Greener…Where There’s Sewage Filling Your Yard

If you see patches of extra green grass in your yard, it’s not because there’s a leprechaun planting magical seeds in the soil. No, this is another one of the signs your septic tank is failing. The wastewater may not be flowing into the drain field properly, or the drain field itself could be malfunctioning. Either way, if your grass is getting extra fertilizer from your sewage, it means the problem has been going on for a while.

Eww…That Smell

If your nose works, you’ll be able to sniff out most signs of septic tank trouble. If the scent of rotten sulfur is anywhere on your property, indoors or outdoors, it’s probably not because Uncle Jimmy ate month-old eggs. Rather, there’s a good chance raw sewage is leaking from your septic system — which means it’s definitely time to bring in an expert to investigate.

Seeing Signs of Septic Tank Problems? Call Moon Site & Septic!

Don’t wait until water starts backing up into your home to call for help. If you’re in the South Florida area, including Naples, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres and Ft. Myers, get in touch with Moon Site & Septic. We’ll assist with all your septic pump problems to ensure your system is in tip-top shape. So, if you think you’ve sniffed out one of the signs of septic tank trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us today!