So, you’re ready to buy a new home. How exciting! Time to get that loan squared away, look at interior design ideas, pick out some new furniture and prepare to settle down in a space that’s all your own. Right? Not quite — there are a lot more factors that go into responsible homebuying, and there’s a big one that is often overlooked: septic inspection

It’s crucial to consider every part of a house before putting a ton of money into it. Septic systems are common in rural, urban and suburban areas, so this is something many buyers should look into, as it could immediately impact their purchase as well as homeownership. 

The following are some key reasons to get a full septic system inspection before you sign the dotted line.

1. A Septic Tank Inspection May Be Required

Possibly the biggest reason to have a house’s septic system inspected is that it might be required by the local government. It’s always important to know the rules of the city or municipality where you’re looking to move. Many have strict regulations regarding septic systems that often include septic tank inspection and certification to document its current condition.

Additionally, many lenders, including the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), require a septic system inspection and documentation prior to approving home loans. They need proof that everything is in working condition and meets local standards. In some areas, inspections are legally mandatory before a title transfer can occur. Again, make sure you’re clear about the local rules. Remember that the financial obligation for the inspection usually falls on the homebuyer prior to the sale — if the seller had a septic inspection prior to listing the house for sale, the buyer can request a copy of the report.

2. You’ll Know What To Expect For Your New Home

A proper septic tank inspection will give you valuable information about your future home. This will help you plan and adjust your budget accordingly. Regular maintenance and septic pumping are necessary and crucial to living comfortably — after all, everyone uses the bathroom on a daily basis, so the last thing you want is to have your toilets backing up. If the previous owners did not maintain their septic system properly, it could spell problems, or even hazards, for you.

With a professional septic system inspection, you’ll learn how full the tank is and when it will need to be pumped. The age of the system is important to know as well — if it’s over twenty-five years old, you may have to get a replacement installed. You’ll also find out the location of the septic tank to ensure that it is a safe distance from other sources of water, as well as any other potential problems, like tree roots invading on the drain field. Each bit of information will help you plan accordingly.

3. You’ll Have More Confidence In Your Purchase

Oftentimes, the thing you want most when buying a home is a little peace of mind. A septic inspection will help you be more confident when making decisions — you’ll either know that things are in good shape or know what needs to be done to get them there. The septic system’s condition has an impact on the overall value of the house itself, so an inspection might even guide your offer amount. It will also ensure that the septic tank is suitable for your needs — if it was installed for a smaller family or a seasonal home, for instance, it may not be able to handle more regular use. An inspection will help you decide if the house is right for you.

As A Homebuyer, What Should You Do?

Homebuyers should always pay attention and ask questions when looking at a potential new home. This includes finding out about the septic system. Things could go wrong at any moment in the future, so just because the toilet flushes and water drains from the sink doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. In addition to finding out about the septic tank itself, you’ll want to know about the distribution box on the outlet side of the tank and the drain field. Again, information is the first step — find out as much as you can. Then, hire an expert to conduct a full septic inspection.

Other Benefits Of A Professional Septic System Inspection

Along with the reasons listed above and the information you can gain from asking questions, there a few benefits to hiring professionals to inspect the septic system of a home you’re seriously considering. They will:

  • Conduct the inspection efficiently
  • Identify unforeseen issues and give knowledgeable suggestions
  • Accurately estimate the cost of repairs and maintenance
  • Provide a septic inspection statement or certification

Going forward, septic professionals can also outline a treatment plan. This way, you can continue to use their services for regular pumping and maintenance once the home is yours.

Let Moon Site & Septic Help With Your Home Septic Inspection

If you’re in the Southwest Florida area, Moon Site & Septic wants to help you with all of your septic needs. We offer comprehensive residential septic tank inspection and certification services to make the process of buying a new home just a little bit easier. So, if you’re on the path to homeownership, contact us today!